Cast Bio for Playbill

Cast Bio

Please write 2-4 sentences about your acting experience and interests. Share a little about yourself, like your hobbies or activities outside of theatre, or thank any special people.

  • Don't forget to write in the third person (like "Sarah acted in 3 school plays" instead of "I acted in plays").
  • The form allows up to 500 characters, so we have room for everyone's bios!
  • ✅  Do not repeat the child's full name. It will appear as a title before the bio.
  • We may edit for spelling and grammar or length.

⚠️ Kindly note that we only accept cast bio submissions through this online form to ensure accurate and efficient processing. Email submissions or any other format will not be considered. Thank you for your cooperation.

Examples (scroll to read)

John has trained for 3 years with Youth Performing Arts Conservatory in voice, dance and acting. He recently played Gavroche in his school's Les Misérables. John enjoys soccer, guitar and singing in his church choir.

Jane is excited for her first musical theater role in The Lion King Jr. She loves singing and has performed the national anthem at school events. Jane looks forward to joining the ensemble and bringing her character to life onstage.

Sam has performed with TADA productions for 3 years. He entertains audiences with tap dancing and magic. Sam swims competitively and plays trombone in the band. He thanks his parents for their love and support.

Sarah has loved performing since a young age. She has been in community theater productions and school drama club. Sarah enjoys singing, piano and reading. Most of all, she loves sharing her passion for musical theater with audiences.