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Welcome to TADA School of Performing Arts, where creativity takes center stage!

Explore our captivating performances, from musical productions to plays, brought to life by our talented students.

Join us for unforgettable journeys through timeless Disney classics and Broadway shows. TADA celebrates our students’ artistry and passion, providing a platform for their talents to shine.

Tuition for musical theatre ranges from $375+, and performance tickets start at $18+. Join our thriving artistic community today!

Selecting the Right Tickets for Your Preferred Cast

Please be aware that some productions have multiple casts, each delivering a unique and captivating experience. To ensure you and your guests enjoy the performance featuring your preferred cast, check the production details or calendar event for the cast list. This way, you can purchase tickets for the correct date and time, guaranteeing that you witness the extraordinary talents of the cast you wish to support.

Ready to audition?

Immerse yourself in the magical world of performing arts and showcase your talent on stage. Be a part of our thriving artistic community and witness the dedication and growth of our talented students as they bring captivating performances to life. Register online today and let your talent shine at TADA School of Performing Arts, the premier performing arts school in Suffolk, VA.