101 Dalmatians KIDS

Disney’s timeless tale of villainous kidnappers and brave puppies comes alive in this musical adventure.

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Duration: 30 minutes
Cast Size: Small
Cast Age: 7-14
Show Dates:


TADA brings Disney’s *101 Dalmatians KIDS* to life in a fur-raising adventure featuring the audacious Cruella De Vil and 101 brave, adorable heroes. With its lively score and memorable characters, this stage adaptation will captivate and entertain audiences of all ages. In London, pet owners Roger and Anita live peacefully with their loyal Dalmatians, Pongo and Perdita, devoted parents to their playful puppies. But the peace shatters when Cruella De Vil, a notorious villainess and former classmate of Anita, schemes to steal the puppies for her new fur coat. The courageous Dalmatians unite the dogs of London for a thrilling rescue operation against Cruella and her bumbling henchmen. Complete with charming costumes and a vibrant, expandable chorus, TADA’s *101 Damnation KIDS* is a spectacle you won’t want to miss! Watch as our young actors shine in this tale of courage, teamwork, and triumph over evil.

Full Synopsis

The Dalmatians Pongo and Perdita happily raise their Puppies — Penny, Pepper, Lucky, and Patch — in a small, loving home on the edge of Regent’s Park in the city of London (“Dalmatian Conga”). As the Dogs Of London narrate, Nanny cares for all the Dalmatians, including their human “pets”: Roger, a composer, and Anita, an artist. Part of the family’s cherished routine is watching their favorite TV program (“Thunderbolt Adventure Hour”) and singing along to the super-catchy commercial theme song for their favorite snack (“Kanine Krunchies”).

One day, their wealthy neighbor, Cruella De Vil, stops by and, admiring
the spotted puppies, realizes they are just what she needs to complete her fabulous fur collection. When Roger refuses to sell the Dalmatian pups, Cruella storms off (“Cruella De Vil”) and plots with Horace and Jasper to steal them (“Cruella’s Scheme”).

With Nanny and Anita out of the house and Roger asleep in front of the
TV, Cruella’s henchmen lure the puppies away to her fur vault using Kanine Krunchies as bait (“Kanine Krunchies – Reprise”, “The Fur Vault”). Realizing their beloved puppies were stolen, Pongo and Perdita appeal to the Dogs of London for help (“Twilight Bark”).

Meanwhile, the puppies discover they are not alone in the fur vault. Other Puppies, including Freckles and Spotty, explain to the Dalmatian pups where they are and what’s to become of them. Despite being surrounded by police, Cruella is determined to get her new fur (“My Beautiful Coat”), even as the Dogs of London — headed by the resourceful cat, Sergeant Tibbs — rescue all the puppies from the fur vault (“The Chase”). As a Police Officer and Dogcatcher capture the three thieves, Roger, Anita, and Nanny imagine a puppy-filled happily ever after (“Dalmatian Vacation & Finale”) with their adopted 101 Dalmatians!

Song List

Dalmatian Conga Thunderbolt Adventure Hour Kanine Krunchies Cruella De Vil Cruella’s Scheme Kanine Krunchies (Reprise) The Fur Vault Twilight Bark My Beautiful Coat The Chase Dalmatian Vacation & Finale Bow-Wows
101 Dalmatians KIDS

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