The Audition

A hilarious one-act play that follows a group of quirky high school students as they navigate the chaos of auditions, showcasing the drama, dreams, and comedic mishaps that come with the pursuit of the spotlight.

Tuition is subject to change.

Duration: 40 minutes
Cast Size: Medium
Cast Age: 11-18
Show Dates:


“The Audition” by Don Zolidis is a captivating one-act play that delves into high school theater auditions’ comical and often chaotic world. As a diverse group of aspiring actors come together to audition for a school production, their individual quirks and personalities shine through, leading to a hilarious exploration of teenage drama, dreams, and the pursuit of the spotlight.

With witty dialogue and relatable characters, this play offers a delightful glimpse into the ups and downs of the audition process and the pursuit of one’s artistic ambitions in the tumultuous world of adolescence.

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The Audition

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